Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Am I Trying To Play Catch-Up? Eggsactly.

My life seems to fly right by me these days.  I wake up stiff and try to roll myself out of my notorious Temperpedic (man-eating) bed and from that point on, it's a steady run all day to get everything accomplished that absolutely has to be accomplished, while the needs-to-be-accomplished  list just keeps piling up and soon, I'll need to hire a full time employee just to finish it. (If only that were possible)
 I do believe this has been the busiest summer I have ever had in my life.  Who knew that full-on gardening and becoming a chicken farmer would take every waking hour of my time that was not already obligated to other things, like taking care of my family, homeschooling, paying bills, mowing grass, cutting weeds and the big long list of other stuff the mama, the heart of the home does each and every day?  Not me.  I knew it would be hard work, but boy, oh boy!  :-)
Finally, the day came early on July 11 that I've been anticipating for 18.5 weeks . . .
An egg.  

Take note that this is no mere ordinary egg.  This egg is special.  Is it just me, or do all of us chicken herders feel our first egg is the most special egg in the entire world and should win some type of prize or something?
Honestly though, this egg was not only special to me, but it was the funniest little thing ever.  It was teeny tiny, kind of round and had a huge bump on one side of it.  I had not washed the egg in the above photo and text it to my mother, who asked me if that was a chicken hatching.  I told her chickens don't come out of the shell with feathers . . . anyways, one of my girls was a real early layer and she was bound to be my favorite, I just had to figure out which one of my girls it was!

Here's another photo of my first egg sitting beside a store bought egg.  See how special it really is?! :-)
Let me tell you, I fried that little gem up and we each had a bite and it was the most delicious egg I've ever tasted, ever!

Since then, we've been getting a daily flow of 3-4 eggs, each egg is slightly shaded differently and unique!  It's like Christmas every day going to the hen house!  I've lost count, but we've now had well over 2 dozen eggs and they are getting a little larger each day.  Today, we got a double yoke from the lady that was responsible for the very first egg - Ms. Lacey.


She used to be known as Ginger Spice, but as she grew out of that awkward teenage stage, she started showing the prettiest blonde collar and I kept saying she looks like she has lace around her neck.  The name stuck and it suits her.  What is so funny about Lacey is, the fact that she is my smallest gal and to be honest, I didn't have high hopes of her laying, at least not for a while.  I figured it would surely be my big fat Mavis McDoogal to give me an egg first.  :-)

King Helgar and his merry maidens are always a source of happiness for me.  Even though they are lots of work!  Isn't he beautiful?!  He is a huge hit around the coop, all the chicks really dig him.  Ha!

I've been canning and putting away garden goods for weeks, standing for hours and hours in the kitchen.  I'm not complaining about doing it, I am so thankful for good garden grub.  My back, however, is complaining very loudly.  I can barely get around right now and I have a race I'm signed up to run this Friday!!  Yikes!
I have 2.5 gallons of cabbage fermenting...yummy sauerkraut in the making!  Chocked full of good, healthy bacteria for your gut.  I heard someone who teaches the process of fermentation mention some scandalous number of cash that each batch was worth compared to the small bottles of probiotics you can buy in the pharmacy.  If people only knew, they'd throw those bottles of probiotics away and make the real deal. 

We celebrated my birthday by my sweet daughter and hubby getting me a S'mores cake from DQ.  Let me tell you something . . . go get you one!  You can't sit still when you eat it.  It's that good!

And then there was this:

Somedoggy just had a birthday the other day.  We have all argued about his age.  Two of us says he is now 10 years old, the other two claims he turned 9 years old.  He's still our little 3 pound chihuahua Toby, the baby.  Funny we call him the baby when he's really a little old man.

I would mention a certain big fat fluff-ball princess panda-kitty, but I won't take Toby's spotlight moment away.  I'll post a photo of her next time.  (She is so stinkin' pretty!)

If you follow me on Instagram, you've seen all these photos before because they are iPhone photos from my IG gallery.  That's the best I can do guys!  Sorry!  I have my poor camera tucked away for now because I have no time to load photos.

Meanwhile, it rained today and usually, I'd be whining to myself like crazy about the rain and not being able to get out and get stuff done, but today, I was content with the rain because it forced me to stay inside and work on our upcoming home school year that begins THIS MONDAY!

Life happens, doesn't it?

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TexWisGirl said...

well, sounds like you're very busy but very productive, too. happy belated! :)

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Well, hey, I don't feel too far behind, thanks to Instagram! :-)

So eggciting to start getting eggs ;-)

Good luck in your race!

Buttons said...

Wow life does happen and your seems to be rolling along nicely your first egg that is exciting I remember my first egg:)
Happy belated birthday and now I need to go to DQ and it is a very long drive way to go:)
Enjoy the rest of your busy summer, it is busy here too. Hug B

Our Neck of the Woods said...

You have been busy! I definitely agree with you about the first egg. I still remember the morning when I got my first egg and it has been over three years ago! I don't think you ever forget it :) Pullet eggs are smaller and so cute I think!

Briana Jeffers said...

I miss our homegrown eggs! Homemade sauerkraut is awesome!

Yeah, for a good month.

Debbie said...

marrisa, you are always so busy, doing all the right things!!

i was recently given farm fresh eggs from a friend, WoW, they were amazing!!

good luck with the race, being there is the only thing that matters!!