Monday, June 17, 2013

Instagram Smothered My Blog

For anyone who has never been introduced to wonderfulness of Instagram, here's a little description for you.
Instagram:  A free photo sharing app on your smart phone.  You snap a photo with your phone, upload it to your feed.  That's it.  Simple.  Your family/friends can instantly see it on their feed (provided they are following you).   It's a nice way to keep in touch with people and it's way less traumatizing than Facebook.  :)

We recently celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary and my Hunny's birthday all in the same weekend.  It was a great weekend, an anniversary that I will always remember as special because my Hunny decided he was going to build a (movable) deck in an unusable wasted space in our yard.  The septic concrete septic system is there, grass or weeds won't grow on it and we can't dig to put anything permanent there, so we thought why not put a deck there that we can move with about 6 good strong sets of arms.  Here's a photo collage beginning with a nice Mexican dinner for two, and a lovely bouquet of roses and wild daisies my mom picked and gave us, the beginning of the deck coming together, my flip-flopped tooties while I was staining it, the built deck and lastly, him blowing out his one candled birthday cake. I didn't have 42 candles to put on it.  (He's in his work clothing, so just pretend you don't see those oil stains)

I was sick with a double inner ear infection, sinusitis and bronchitis for the entire month of May.  I pressed on, even though I was sick with a none stop fever and aches until I just couldn't breathe or bear the ear and head pain anymore and finally, mid May, I went in to the clinic.  They told me my ear drums were bulging and I ended up having so much junk in my head/chest, that my eyes began oozing infection.  Disgusting, I know.  I came home, started on all my medications and nebulizer treatments and spent two days in my bed looking at the ceiling thinking about how I did not have time to be sick in bed. 

It's now mid June and believe it or not, this stuff is still lingering.  My ears are a mess, one of my eardrums did burst.  I don't want another round of antibiotics, as it totally wrecked my body system and flora, so I'm trying to just endure and hope my body will repair and recover.

My Helga rooster is crowing the craziest crow ever!  I get a big kick out of the crow every single time I hear it.  I'm going to try to upload a video clip of him crowing soon.  The rest of the girls are growing and doing well.  They are 14-15 weeks old now and I'm good and ready for some egg laying!

I let them out of the pen yesterday to free range a little...until a big Red Tail hawk came flying over and landed in the trees nearby.  Then, I freaked out and  I spent the next 45 minutes chicken herding/wrangling to get them back inside the pen.  We have a pair of hawks who has successfully nested and raised a young one right in the treeline behind my house.  These chickens have no idea what I've been through trying make sure they are healthy and happy.  I trek out to the coop every morning with feed, water in hand, then I crawl around the mountainside pulling weeds and digging bugs and worms to give them, I check on them several times a day (with produce and fruit scrap offerings) and then I go out after dark with a flashlight to put them up securely so they aren't attacked in the night...they owe me some nice eggs for sure!

Do you spot the photo bombing chicken?  haha  Just as I was snapping the photo, she popped her nosy little head up.

I am still using My Fitness Pal to log in the calories I consume and burn.  I weighed in this morning for another l pound loss, that puts me at 47 pounds lost so far.  I try to get some type of exercise daily, depending on my arthritis and back pain.  It has taken me 1 year and 5 months to lose this weight and I'm ok with that.  I have in the past lost 50 pounds easily in a few short months but I always put it back on because I didn't do it the smart and healthy way.  I am still not depriving myself of everything, because that sets me up for failure.  I know from past experiences, many of them.  I have a Reese Cup in the freezer and I plan on cutting it in half and enjoying a piece later today.  I had a blizzard from Dairy Queen a few days ago, and although I did feel guilty for it, I quickly moved on and didn't beat myself up too much.

This calorie burn was from mowing my front yard.  Garden/yard work in the summer is my favorite way to work out. 

Here's a photo I want to share before I go.  This beautiful double rainbow was a nice ending to a hard day a few days ago.  It was more brilliant, but before I could get my phone camera out side, it was beginning to fade away.

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TexWisGirl said...

the movable deck is a great idea! and congrats on your anniversary and hubby's birthday, too. :)

Our Neck of the Woods said...

Your chickens are lucky! You take such great care of them. I'm so sorry you're still sick, that has to be horrible! I hope your body can kick it soon so you don't have to take any more meds.

Buttons said...

Oh Marissa I was wondering what happened to you ,you poor girl that sounds horrible I am so sorry it is still lingering. Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday to hubby.
Boy or boy I am sure those chickens have no idea how very lucky they are:) Hugs Get Well B

Debbie said...

Congrats to you and the hubs!!

Your blog is not updating in my reading list?!?!