Saturday, May 11, 2013

Little Bit Of This And That

The title says it all.  This post is definitely a hodge-podge with no theme whatsoever.

I broke over and got a cell phone a couple days ago.  (I've been cell phone free for a over a year now.)
I don't like talking on the phone, but I do like being able to send text allows me to stay in touch -without committing myself to phone conversation.  I think I am sort of introvert-ish.  Or am I just anti-social?  Sometimes I feel like a hermit, but I'm alright with that most of the time.

Anyways, back to my iPhone.  I found Siri yesterday.  Let me just say, I spent about 20 minutes carrying on a conversation with this thing.  It was a total waste of time, but I will probably do it again, just because it made me laugh.  I told her to 'shut up' and she said, "Did I really deserved that?"  That was sort of creepy.

I've spent a lot of time taking care of my chickens.  These gals (and guy) requires lots of work, but I don't mind.  I enjoy them.  Speaking of my guy, Helga Hoofenheifer.   This morning, I found him making all kinds of noise, I think he's trying to crow!!   My daughter and I laughed hysterically at the thought of him crowing.  He did it for us about 5 times.  That made my day.  Something else that made my day was the fact that my cousin and her husband who are real life farmers, watched some videos of the chickens that I sent them and they said they were proud of me because I was taking good care of my chickens.   That really, really made my day.

I found my first rose on my Double Knock-Out this week.  Another reason to smile.  Both these rose bushes are maxed out with buds ready to pop open.
Tomorrow, Mother's Day, I'll be making dinner and my mother and father in law will be joining us.
I wish you all a wonderful Mother's Day!
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Our Neck of the Woods said...

I much prefer texting over talking on the phone too! I think I am a hermit but I'm ok with it :)

It's so cute when your little rooster starts to crow! It's like a little baby practice crow :) I love that you're enjoying your chickens so much.

Buttons said...

Oh Marissa I am a real farmer too and am also proud of you even though it does not mean as much as your cousin:) I needed to say that.
I hope you had a nice Mother's Day.
I have a new phone and it does not have fancy people talking back but I can see how that would be fun:) B

Briana Jeffers said...

I feel the same way about using the phone. I love your siri conversation. Funny.

Congrats on the rose. I'm still waiting on mine.

Debbie said...

i don't love to talk on the phone but i do love to talk with my boys!! i use my iphone for so much more then talking. i just adore all the things i can do on/with it!!

happy belated mothers day marissa, your rose is beautiful. i have lot's of buds but nothing has opened yet!!

Nancy Claeys said...

Hope you and your family are enjoying the long weekend Marissa. Just stopping by to say hello! xo