Monday, April 29, 2013

Popping Bubble Wrap

My daughter's 'gift' to me during a stressful time.  I was able to find the humor in it.  :)
Life doesn't always feel calm and smooth like a beautiful body of water, crystal clear.
Shining a perfect reflection back at you.
Sometimes, it's more like waves crashing all around you like an angry ocean trying to swallow you up.  
Life is hectic, chaotic and messy.
Trials and troubles of life can zap your zip.  
Steal your breath away.
Leave you bobbling up and down, just trying to barely keep your head above the water. 
You may feel . . .
 Scared you might drown.  
Panic stricken.  
Paralyzed with fear.
Terrified of the unknown.

How do you calm the raging sea of life?
I find a quiet little place of my own.  
I pray and meditate on good things, I remember how fortunate I am, and how blessed my family is.
I go for a walk.
I sit out in the woods - alone.
I breathe.
I tell my kids that I need a hug. Their hugs are healing to my heart and soul.
 I ask God for strength & guidance.
 I make a cup of tea.
I turn on a white noise (fan) and fall into bed and cry until I've let it all out.  
Cleansing tears.  
 Then I feel:  


Tell me what soothes your frazzled soul?

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TexWisGirl said...

every so often, i, too, have a good, solid, gut-wrenching cry. it always helps to lay the worries out.

Our Neck of the Woods said...

For me, a walk in the woods does it. Spending time alone in nature always helps in the hard times and reminds me of what I'm thankful and grateful for.

Buttons said...

You have a very wise daughter with the bubble wrap:)
I find myself in the bush surrounded by the trees and the peace and quite and it is a great place to cry if need be.
Take care HUGS B

Nancy Claeys said...

Well that bubble wrap just made me smile! I hope that works too in addition to the other remedies you mentioned. :)

Michelle said...

Oh my your daughter is a thoughtful genius! I have to make some of those for myself & I think that might be a good teachers gift :), love your blog, its beautiful! Michelle