Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Top Shelf

In the top shelf of my fridge you'll find homemade salsa, almond butter, fermented veggies, pickled green tomatoes and a big blue Ball jar with a hand full of berries - hopefully infusing their taste and smell into my water.
  What's on your top shelf?
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Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Yum I could go for any of those

Nancy Claeys said...

I'd really be ashamed to show you... not pretty. :)

Nell said...

Too much, and a lot of stuff that needs cleaning out. thanks for the reminder..I do have some home made chutney.. a bought custard tart. some leftovers that need tossing as they had already been revived once as a vegetable bake but alas they have now outlived there useby date.
and a home grown zucchini.. I don't know why it is on the top shelf when there is room in the vegie keeper.

I like the sound of your shelf though.
blessings Nell