Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Fermentation Crock - Lacto Fermenting Vegetables - Probiotics

If you read my previous post on this subject, you'll recall how excited I was to have my first batch of vegetables "cooking".  I let my curiosity get the best of me and I opened my air-tight seal yesterday.  I really wish I would have waited, because today, I noticed some of the pasty white kahm yeast on the top of my brine (yep, I opened it again today for another sample...the family wanted to try it) and this would not have happened had I not let oxygen inside my crock.  The scum is supposedly harmless, but it's just not very pleasing to the eyes and to be honest, makes me feel queazy when I see it.   Gross.
Anyways, we each sampled it and all I can say is YUM!  It was so tasty at only 5 days fermentation time.  I've actually craved it this afternoon, but I'm not going to open the crock back up until the weekend...
Like I said before, I've 'put away' (canned) kraut for years, but this stuff is so much more better than filling your jars with cabbage, pickling salt and water, then waiting for it to 'work'.  All you need is your vegetables and sea salt (and possibly a little brine).  After salting my cabbage and pounding it, it actually released a lot of water and I didn't need to make brine to add.   If you are interested in this, here are a couple videos of the dozens that I've enjoyed watching.

The next part (pt 3) shows how to make an airtight seal using this open type of crock.

Below is a video showing the crock that I ordered.  I am so excited!

This crock has a ceramic lid that fits perfectly over the top and has a gutter in the rim creating a seamless airlock. Gases from the fermentation can escape easily but air is not able to enter, so you should find no white kahm yeast.

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I had a lot of trouble trying to order this thing - I guess that is because I very rarely order online, so thankfully, my father in law was nice enough to order it for me using his account and I'll pay him for it this weekend.  You can find the crock here.

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Gone Country said...

I must've missed the previous post. Sounds very interesting (I'll have to watch the videos on my iPad later).

Love the crock!

Going to look for the other post now...

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Cool crock. I have never tried doing this before.

Catherine said...

That's nice. another source of probiotics. But I'll stick to my probiotics supplements. There are foods that I don't like how they taste.

Debbie said...

very cool marissa, have fun with it!!

Raindrops and Daisies said...

Sounds great Marissa.

Hope that you are well and that the weather isn't too cold where you live.

Have a good week