Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Shredding - The 30 Day Shred.

Happy New Year, friends!  2012 certainly flew by for me, and it seems the older I get, the faster time goes by.
I still haven't figured out what's the matter with the comment box here.  I am allowing comments by everyone, but they aren't showing.  I apologize if it's been a bother to email a comment instead of commenting here on the page.  I do appreciate those of you that has taken time to send me an email.
My mid-week update:
Sunday through today I've eaten well, I've had very little processed type food and a lot of vegetables, fruits, lean chicken and turkey.  I am not professing to be a 'clean eater'.  I try to eat as clean as possible, but I also live in real life, which includes a 50 minute drive to Wal-mart for grocery shopping, so I can't run out every day or so for fresh stuff,  a family who enjoys a pizza sometimes, not to mention the fact that if I say that I am not allowed to ever have a piece of cake ever, ever again - I will immediately fail, because that's what I do. 
I started week 7 of Couch To 5 K program, and tomorrow is my last run before moving on to week 8.  Yesterday, I ran 25 minutes straight without walking.  My back held up well, my feet and knees hurt me quite a bit while running, I think I need new shoes, but I can't afford new shoes right now.  In all honesty, I am sure my weight is VERY stressful to my legs and knees.  It would have to be, there's no getting around that.
I also started the 30 Day Shred yesterday.  This is my second time and this time around, I am modifying a few circuits because I failed last time trying to do it exactly like Jillian said I had to.  :)
This time, I am modifying the jumping jacks (even though she says I can't) because with herniated discs in my lower back and neck, the impact of landing hard with all my weight is too much and I'll end up flat on my back with a heating pad and Bio-Freeze for 2 weeks.  I've been there, and often.
Instead of jumping jacks, I am jogging in place, flapping my arms like normal jumping jacks and instead of jump roping and landing on both feet, I am hopping from one foot to the other.  And hey, by the time I finished yesterday, I was sweating like crazy.   If it's one thing I've learned for sure, if a workout causes injury, then modify it.  Unless you are not moving at all, you are still going to burn 'some' calories.  With my 25 minute run and 30 Day Shred combined, I burned over 400 calories (per my Polar FT60 HRM).  Not too bad for a 60 minute work out.

I have my calories set to 1400.  I don't always net 1400, but I try to always net at least 1200.  When I had my calories set to 1200, I noticed that I would barely net 900 calories after workouts sometimes.  I've heard the whole starvation mode debate and I halfway believe it, because when I was netting 900 calories a day, with at least a 300-400 calorie burn, I did not lose weight.  My body hung on to the fat like crazy.  Now that I am eating more, I can see some weight changes - losses.  As I lose more weight and am physically able to be more active, I plan on adding more calories.

Weekly Workout Summary:

*12/24 - 12/30
4 Sessions
Time Achieved: 4 hours
Calorie Burn Achieved: 1287
Weekly Run Distance: 4 miles

*12/31 - 1/4 (today is only Wednesday)
3 Sessions
Time Achieved: 3 hours
Calorie Burn Achieved: 1000
Weekly Run Distance: 3 miles
I've weighed every day this week, I seem to do better if I weigh myself daily.   I don't want to obsess over the scales, but seeing it every day makes me aware of what I'm doing this for.  I have lost 3 pounds since Sunday, although I have not logged them yet on My Fitness Pal, because I set Thursday for my weigh in and record day.  I don't know why I set it for that day...but, I'm trying to stick by it.  Plus, I think that seeing it say that I've lost 3 pounds at one time will be more motivating than seeing 1 pound at a time.  It's all a mind thing for me - so I do what I have to do to make it happen. HA!  As of today, I am 4 pounds away from my first goal of the 40 pound loss. 
I am excited for 2013 and my renewed feeling of motivation.  Could this really be the year that I feel happy and healthy?  Could this really be the year I reach my goals? 
I believe it could, but I HAVE to work on it and not be a big slug of a slacker like I've been in the past.  34 pounds was good for last year, but I'd like to go beyond that. 
Here's to the New Year!


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