Monday, January 28, 2013

It's Official - I'm Half Way There! 40 Pounds Down

Weight Loss Stuff
This morning when I stepped on the scales, I had quite a shock.  I had lost 2 pounds.  But let me back up, since I've been missing in action for a few days and tell you what has been going on in my world.
You may or may not know that when I started my weight loss 'journey' (is that cliche?) last January, that I set my first big goal to lose 40 pounds by the end of January 2013.  I know that doesn't sound like a whole lot in a year, but trust me, I've lost 70 in one year's time and the faster you take it off...the faster you put it back on.  I have learned through many trials and errors, slow and steady is best. 
Anyways, I was 3 pounds away from hitting that 40 pound goal when I tore my meniscus in my right knee last week.  I had been having trouble with that knee while running, and even when I was just walking or standing, it felt like it was a loose rubber band that was stretched out of place - very wobbly.  I'd be standing and it would just buckle out from beneath me.  Believe it or not, I didn't tear my knee while running.  I squatted down to get something out of the lower shelf of my pantry and BAM!  It felt like someone stabbed a big knife in my knee and I instantly fell over. (And if I'm honest, I'd tell you that I boo-hooed a little, too.) 
I thought I was doomed to not hit my 40 pound goal before the end of January, and I was so discouraged about that.  I had my mind set, that if I did not make this goal, that I'd fail and not be able to lose the rest of the weight. (Mind games, I tell ya)  But, after walking and lots of ice on my knee, as well as some kettle bell exercises - I lost the last 3 pounds!  Hello half-way! 
Blogging Stuff
Blogger is being a pain (as usual) and not letting me add photos without jumping through hoops.  I'm finding it too time consuming and nerve wrecking to add them in html mode, so for now, I will be checking in once a week for weight loss.  I am still missing Life On Our Mountain, a lot.  Sometimes, I think about logging in and just writing a post that has nothing to do with weight loss, and sometime, I might just do that.
Does anybody remember this girl?

Ain't she pretty?!  Note how she sits with her little paws turned in.  She's making a heart.  :)
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Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

I love how she turns her paws in.

You are amazing! What a feat to lose 40 pounds. All your hard work is really paying off. Congratulations :-)

Debbie said...

marissa, that's a lot of weight 40 pounds, y ou should be super proud of yourself!!

i miss you when you don't post and would love to enjoy the mixed bag you use to post!! but whatever you write, i enjoy reading!!

blogger is finally letting me upload straight from my computer after at least 3 weeks of jumping through hoops!! i soooo get the frustration!!

Beth @ E. lizard Breath Speaks said...

glad to hear it is not just me ... blogger has not allowed me to do a new header shot or other photo items on my blog in a long time. i keep hoping it will change it's mind. no luck so far. ( :

Nell said...

Well done on the weight loss.
I only lost about 17pounds last year, then got stressed and put it all back on again.
I love your quirky cat, she is just beautiful. I am happy for you to post anything on your blog.. after all it is yours to post on it. I think it is too hard trying to keep several blogs for different purposes..
blessings to you

Gone Country said...

Congrats on meeting your goal! That's awesome! I know it's a morale boost too. Keep it up!

Aw, Luna... what a pretty girl!

Kim @ Stuff could... said...

She is so cute!! Blogger does have its problems but I do not know anything else