Thursday, January 3, 2013


I completed week 7 of C25K today! 
I feel good about myself at this moment...2 more weeks of training and I'll complete a 5k with no walking.  Just saying that totally overwhelmes me - in a good way, though.
I still have to do day 3 of the 30 Day Shred this afternoon sometime.  I'm having a difficult time with finding a space to do it and not only that, I don't have TV, so I'm using a video from the computer, which is annoying since it takes me 15 minutes to figure out how to get the disc to play and then to find the menu and then find the specific workout I'm looking for.  My house is so open with all the windows everywhere, I have this fear of being in the living room on my back with my hind side in the air doing the bicycle thing with my legs and someone walking right up to the house.  My bedroom has too much furniture to do it in there comfortably.  I am by nature a very hot person, as my body temperature runs around 99 -100 degrees always, when I work out, I have a very thin nightgown that I use, because it's old and thin and it doesn't make me sweat as bad, and I can't stand feeling clothes sticking to me. 
I am determined to make it through this program, though.  No matter what.  I am so sick of starting things and not finishing them.  I'm tired of being that person who always does that.  I wasn't always like that, I'm not sure when I became like that.  But it's time for it to stop - NOW.
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:::Weight Loss Goals:::

*Started MFP Christmas 2011.

-Goal 1: 40 pound weight loss January 2013

-Goal 2: 50 pound weight loss May 2013.

-Goal 3: 60 pound weight loss September 2013

:::Exercise & Fitness Goals:::

C25K - Week 1 - Completed
C25K - Week 2 - Completed
C25K - Week 3 - Completed
C25K - Week 4 - Completed
C25K - Week 5 - Completed
C25K - Week 6 - Completed
C25K - Week 7 - Completed
C25K - Week 8 -
C25K - Week 9 -

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I hope you make your goal.....keep on