Saturday, December 29, 2012

I Am Smiling

Today, I am smiling.
If you've read my old blog "Life On Our Mountain", then you'll recall that I've been in a war with the battle of the bulge - my bulge. 
I was telling my husband today, without a doubt, I've lost and gained probably 500 pounds in the last 18 years - no, really.  If you count the 20 I lost, the 30 I gained back, the 50 I lost, the 54 I gained back, the 60 I lost, the 70 I gained back...well, you get the picture.
I am about 5 -7 pounds (depending on how much water is trapped in my hands, legs and feet) away from my first goal of 40 pounds.  I wanted to hit that goal January 2013.  I don't recall ever having said it had to be the first day of January, so, I'm still fighting because I aim to hit that goal before January turns into February. 
I have started and stopped the C25K (Couch to 5 K) program twice since September.  My first attempt, I made it to week 3, when my herniated discs in my lower back gave out.  I started again in October and made it to the last run in week 6, when my back zonked out on me again. 
Last night, I tried to pick right back up where I had left off running.  Yeah, that didn't work so well.
After 15 minutes of running, my crazy knee was popping and something was pulling or tearing in the back of my knee, but believe it or not, my back did not give out.  I ended up stopping because I didn't want to end up with a torn knee.  I decided that I'd probably have to begin at week 1 again and that pretty much felt like the pits to me. 
Today, I decided to give it another shot on the last run of week 6.  I pulled it off!  I did the 5 minute warm up walk, ran the 25 minutes without walking, and the 5 minute cool down walk.  I completed Week 6, finally! 
I'm still smiling.

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Jill said...

Way to go, girl! I'm so happy you have this blog still going. Whether you know it or are an inspiration! I've gained back about 12 pounds since Thanksgiving so today if my "first" day back. Keep up the good work! And don't forget to be good to your body. Don't push too hard. *HUGS*

Briana Jeffers said...

Awesome! 40 pounds is a huge accomplishment as is the running.

Ellie said...

Hey Marissa so good to see you back. You should post what and when you want. I'm dreading standing on the scales - it's always the same at this time of year. Oh well I'll wait till after the New Year and get started once again.
Good for you on completing week 6 - don't push yourself too hard though. :))

Gone Country said...

Yay for you! I'm so happy to see you online again and I love the new blog title!